Teresa Vaughn, Realtor

Meet Teresa Vaughn

I was born and raised in Texas, the oldest of four children, which made it second nature to nurture and want to help others solve their problems.  My desire to help others lead me to a career in the medical field for 30+ years, helping others and listening to their needs. Although I had a successful career in that field, I knew something was missing.  

I have raised two boys and enjoy the outdoors.  I believe HOME is the best place to make lasting memories.  After buying and selling several homes through the years, I became intrigued with the concept of helping others find the perfect place to call HOME.  

I was blessed with the opportunity to chase my dreams and set new goals.  It only made sense that real estate is what life has destined me to. I have a passion for what I do.  I enjoy listening to my clients describe the perfect home to fit their needs and I make it my mission to help them find that perfect dream home, while doing my very best to make it as seamless and pleasurable as possible.  Although challenging at times, a happy client makes it a victory. Each transaction helps me to meet new people and develop strong relationships with others in the real estate industry.

Most would say I am a sales person.  I believe I am a “Matchmaker”. I introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one, then I am a wedding planner.  Let me help you make your dreams come true.